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Grotta di Adamo ed Eva

Generale_Adamoe Eva
The Grotta di Adamo ed Eva




Giuseppe Cacialli

The Grotta di Adamo ed Eva (located in the Giardino di Boboli, next to the Via Romana entrance) owes it name to the scultural group, known with the same name, realised by Michelangelo Naccherino, a pupil of Giambologna sculptor; the cave was built up in 1817 during the widening activities of the garden. The cave displays a rectangular opening divided into three areas by two doric columns. Inside the cave there is a bathtub containing a rectangular plint on which the Adamo e Eva scultural group rests. In the inner wall, decorated with spongy concretions and mosaics, are inserted three masks. The semispherical dome shows grotesque decorations and shells inserted in geometric squares.

The scultural group is made of white Marble, the sponge concretions of limestone, mosaics of pebbles with variable composition.

Detail of the dome with the grotesque decorations and shells