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Walk n. 3 - Hunting for little used polychrome materials

In addition to the main and widespread rocks described above, it is worth dwelling on other rocks little used but no less interesting. The walk 3, starting from the Colonna di San Zanobi (stop 1) to the Fontana del Nettuno (stop 2) to the Colonna della Giustizia (stop 3), allows to observe some of these rocks. 

The Colonna di San Zanobi is realized in Cipollino/Carystium Marble with its base in white Marble. 

In the Fontana del Nettuno, the statue of Nettuno, the tritons, the chariot, two horses and the decorations on the tub are in Apuan Marble; the tub and the other two horses are in Breccia di Seravezza. The marine divinities, the satyrs and nymphs are in Bronze. 

The Colonna della Giustizia is realized with a base in Breccia di Seravezza and Marble stones; the stem is made of Granite; the Statua della Giustizia is made of red porphyry, and its cloak is realized in Bronze.